Uranus Square Pluto: It's THE Astrology Of Our Era
When Uranus and Pluto get together, there's high energy — and turmoil — to be had! They made a historic series of 7 tough alignments from 2012 through 2015, which turned our lives upside down and set the stage for a very different future. The last time they got together in such a difficult combination was the mid-1960s.

While the toughest part of this phenomenon has ended, the Uranus Square Pluto energies will continue to affect us all for years to come, as we see all the changes that come from all they forced us to face, do, end, and renew.

See Anne's acclaimed series on this historic astrology now in the posts below. Get your answers to What Just Happened??? and see your way to the new you…

OpEdNews Picks Up “Uranus And Pluto 2012″

Did you know that OpEdNews, a leading online news website, often features Anne’s art and astrology articles? Her articles often “make headlines” on the site, thanks to their popularity with readers. Get the link to her Uranus and Pluto 2012 article here…

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